Meet Jo Jean

Jo Jean Bordwell, Massage TherapistJo Jean Bordwell is a life-long learner about the nature of human movement. She started her relationship with the body at age 7 in ballet class and has been doing something with dance or movement ever since. Jazzercize, Tap lessons, Golf and Yoga have been some of her favorites. She even took ballet when she was pregnant!

Jo Jean also gained a new respect for how the body can get out of balance when the stresses of her desk job set her up for breast cancer at age 35. Now a 17-year survivor, she preaches awareness and respect for symptoms, changes, and balance. That brush with mortality lead her to massage school and set her on the path of how the body works and how to keep from setting herself up for any further challenges to her immune system. She has become a total anatomy nerd and loves to break out her books and show pictures to her clients of what is happening under the skin or research their problem area in more detail.

Bordwell is a wife to a hard-working guy who supports her in all her educational adventures asking only for a foot massage every night in return. She is also the mother of two beautiful daughters, a mother-in-law to a great man her daughter loves, and a grandma to Connor who is well loved and spoiled (Just ask for a photo or update, they are always available)!