Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage at Ahwatukee Massage Therapy with Jo Jean BordwellThe value of massage is in creating circulation in the body. The activities of our daily lives can create patterns of strength in some muscles and weakness in others. Our tendency to do a lot of the same things at work or at the gym can set us up for this underuse/overuse syndrome that can eventually lead to pain. Massage is about restoring the balance of fluid and increasing the waste removal process of your lymphatic system.

Massage also has great value with de-stressing techniques that can help your body turn off the “adrenaline/cortisol cocktail” of our daily lives and turn on the “rest and recover button” of our parasympathetic system. We were not built to run on adrenaline all day but our modern world seems to require it. Massage is a good way to help restore the balance of these two systems, decrease our blood pressure and tune-in to what’s going on in the body.