Massage Services

Ahwatukee Massage Therapy offers personalized, restorative massage and bodywork for injury rehabilitation and long-term chronic pain issues. Choose from Therapeutic Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Massage or KMI Structural Integration.

Therapeutic Massage

The value of massage is in creating circulation in the body. Therapeutic massage is a good way to reduce stress and restore balance to the body. Learn more

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

If you have problems with swelling, lymph node damage from surgery, or chronic infections, this type of massage might help. Learn more

KMI Structural Integration Series

Our bodies are remarkably adaptable. So much so that even a childhood fall out of a tree or an old sprain can create a cycle of compensation that our brain just assumes is our “New Normal.” The twelve sessions of KMI Structural Integration work to identify the compensation patterns and release their hold on our body. Each session is designed to first, analyze your individual pattern of posture and movement limitations, and then work with your fascial network in an organized and methodical process to release the old pattern and help your brain absorb and integrate new information.
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